How I Outfitted my Home Office for Remote Work

It’s been just over a year now that we have been doing work from home. Things are starting to get better with vaccination and a partial return to offices for some and plans to return for others.

While I know not everyone embraces work from home, I have found it to be enjoyable. There are a couple of items I have bought for my home office that have made remote work much better.

A standing desk

I had a desk with a solid wood top from IKEA and purchased a Monoprice dual motor powered standing desk frame. I put it together in an hour or so and was able to get up and running again very quickly. I find that I like to do certain tasks standing up and having multiple preset heights has worked out very well for me.

A new office chair

I searched and did a lot of research before landing on a chair. I had been using a 10 year old chair from Office Max or Staples with a memory foam pillow to add cushioning. As you might expect, this is not ideal for long term use. After consulting multiple reviews I landed on the Ergo Chair 2 from Autonomous and I don’t think I’d be much happier with anything else. It’s worlds better than the ancient (though probably expensive) chair I have in my office at work and it was a great upgrade for home when I am in my office for hours every day.

If you felt so inclined to purchase from autonomous (they sell standing desks as well!) here’s a referral link to purchase that should offer you a discount as well:

A laptop stand

I picked up a Rain Design stand to put my laptop up a little higher on my desk, and combining this with a keyboard, mouse and monitor I already had made my laptop setup very easy to use. As a bonus I could use my personal MacBook Pro, my Razer blade stealth or my work MacBook Pro in that same setup easily.

Lots of other accessories can be helpful, like a ring light for all those zoom meetings or a microphone arm to mount on your desk. For me, the standing desk, chair and laptop stand are what really makes me comfortable and ready to work from home. I think having a dedicated space is also very important and I’m working out of a spare bedroom which affords me the separation between work and home.

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