Help Desk Scripts

I have added a couple items to Jamf Self Service that can be useful for Help Desk. They are simple items but can empower users and help desk staff to help when there are security obstacles, like a firmware password or out of sync user password. does some minor clearing of caches and performs an NVRAM reset. This is useful on macOS systems with firmware passwords; the method to hold down CMD+Option+P+R will not traditionally work when there is a firmware password set. Clicking a Self Service policy to run this script and rebooting can potentially alleviate some issues.

update_dyld_shared_cache -root / -force -debug
/usr/libexec/xpchelper --rebuild-cache
nvram -c will simply remove an old keychain for a user with a keychain they can no longer access. This occasionally happens with AD mobile accounts when the password is changed on another system and then authenticated to AD updating the password. In macOS if you bypass the password change mechanism some items cannot be updated, like the Keychain password or Filevault password. This script will get rid of the issue when attempting to remember the old password is not working.

rm -rf "$home"/Library/Keychains/*

I’ve also added an installer for Recovery Selector from Two Canoes. Again firmware passwords can be a hindrance for some items, like rebooting to run diagnostics. When we have macOS devices that need diagnostics run I’ve added a Self Service policy to install this application to the /Applications/Utilities folder. The system still requires the firmware password, but you do not need to remove it just for diagnostics. In some cases you will still need to remove it to complete a repair, but this can make things quicker.

edit 2021-03-17: updated script links

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