Loaner and Lab “Reimage”

We have found ourselves in need of more loaner laptops than ever before with growing numbers of students and faculty attending class remotely. In an effort to come up with a simple way to prepare these laptops after they are returned and sanitized I went looking for how I can set up with the least interactivity required.

After some research, I found this JamfNation thread. I can launch Jamf’s jamfhelper application and run at the login window, but only if its opened from a launchdaemon. That led me to this script which builds a launchdaemon to run jamfhelper and run through our prep workflow.

Luckily, as I described in this post from my JNUC2020 presentation, I have most of our software set up with policies on custom triggers to run with DEPNotify for our standard and zero touch deployment strategy. I took above script and customized it, and created a new prestage enrollment to skip account creation then run this script on enrollment. Of course I had to assign each serial number to this prestage enrollment so I utilized the MUT‘s Groups and Prestages template to upload the list of serial numbers to the newly created prestage for this refresh process.

With that configuration, we can have a student or help desk associate go through the setup on a lab or prepare a recently returned loaner using an erase install progress in Self Service. This allows us to set things up quickly without needing any passwords shared or requiring someone to go through the user setup process.

While not as pretty as DEPNotify, this does show a useful progression

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